We retained the services of CHS during a period of significant staff turnover as we transition to a new business strategy. A key focus was to increase the awareness of operating profitable fully within the context of our vision. We now have a much stronger culture around profitability, and I have no doubt that we received full value from CHS.


Barclay Isherwood

Owner, The Brew Creek Centre


Connect Hospitality Strategies Inc. is a Canadian based company focused on one thing: PROFITABLE


For every hospitality organization with a desire to be profitable and develop customers for life in a highly competitive marketplace, Connect Hospitality Strategies brings a customized approach to project management and workforce education to the table. 

Profit, People and Planet are the pillars of Connect Hospitality Strategies Inc.

Process analysis and resource management strategies that will drive top line revenues and control expenses to improve profitability…

Leadership training, workforce education, and access to a network of industry professionals…

Sustainability makes great business sense. Build your brand, inspire and retain great staff, save valuable resources…

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