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Reward and Motivate your team! Focus on developing managers at all levels of experience to effectively prepare for, conduct and follow up on employee performance evaluations.

Workshop price includes 4 hours of instruction for a maximum group size of 20 people.
Contact CHS to develop a workshop that is customised to the needs of your organisation.

Performance Management Training

  • After the completion of the Great Performers, managers and supervisors will successfully be able to:

    1) Explore reasons why performance reviews are an effective method to improve business performance, achieve organizational goals, motivate and retain great employees

    2) Determine important skills and attribute measures for the employee.

    3) Set the Stage - Prepare for the Performance Evaluation

    4) Conduct the Performance Evaluation 

    5) Effectively follow up with the employee. 


    Learning activities include: Group discussion, video role play and direct instruction 


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