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Conflict Resolution 2.0** in 3 bite-size pieces! Consider training your leaders at breakfast, lunch or during après.

(In Whistler, we like to “après” or socialize and have a beverage late afternoon…say 3: 30ish after the ski hills close.)

I often hear that management training is difficult due to time constraints and tight resources. This management level workshop is a follow up program to Conflict Resolution; Taking Ownership & Following Up has been broken down into 3 x one hour sessions. Front line staff will improve their skills to deal with unsatisfied customers by taking ownership of real time customer complaints, working through five steps of conflict resolution, establishing guidelines around empowerment, and diagnosing changes in the operation.


Workshop price includes three consecutive one hour workshops for a maximum group size of 10 people.



Lunch & Learn Series; Conflict Resolution 2.0

  • Staff and managers will improve their skills to deal with unhappy customers and come away with recommendations for organizational change that will drive customer satisfaction.  


    Course Goals:

    • Bring real time customer complaints to the table and share open dialogue about how to resolve them
    • Explore how to apply the concept of TOFU (Taking Ownership & Following Up) and H.E.A.R.D. (Hear. Empathize.Apologize.Resolve.Diagnose)
    • Establish polices & procedure around empowerment
    • Diagnose changes in the operation that will mitigate future complaints






    • Direct Instruction
    • Brainstorming & Think Pair Share Activities 
    • Peer Assessment



    The workshop includes 3 x 1 hour of instruction for a maximum group size of 10 people. 


    Contact CHS to develop a workshop that is customised to the needs of your organisation.

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