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Great Performers 2.0**  in 3 bite-size pieces! Consider training your leaders at breakfast, lunch or during après.


 (In Whistler, we like to “après” or socialize and have a beverage late afternoon…say 3: 30ish after the ski hills close.)


I often hear that management training is difficult due to time constraints and tight resources. This management level workshop is a follow up program to Great Performers – Performance Management Training has been broken down into 3 x one hour sessions. Managers and Supervisors will review and revise existing performance management tools, assign team member reviews to managers, share dialogue, improve their coaching conversation skills. The final session will serve as a post mortem for real performance reviews


**If you would prefer to have your training session take place all in one day, please allow for 3.5-4 hours

Lunch & Learn Series; Great Performers 2.0

  • After the completion of the Great Performers 2.0 managers and supervisors will successfully be able to:

    1) Review performance management tools, understand what they are used for, their frequency, and what the process is for completing, filing and sharing results.

    2) Assign team member reviews to the right manager

    3) Explore way to have more impactful coaching sessions


    Learning activities:

    • Peer assessment
    • Group discussion
    • Direct Instruction 


    Contact CHS to develop a workshop that is customised to the needs of your organisation.


    For groups of up to 10 people.




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