Quick & dirty strategy to maximize your training dollars.

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

“Every dollar you spend on training saves you two dollars on advertising.” ― Jim Sullivan

Jim Sullivan’s quote highlights the need for all employees to be properly trained - not just the new ones. Badly trained employees will help to deep dive your customer satisfaction ratings, damage relationships and dash any hopes of positive word of mouth advertising.

My experience is that this can only be done effectively when training begins with a solid strategy.

As an F&B professional in Whistler, BC Canada, a town known for it's high season business volumes and transient employee base, I have been responsible for training literally hundreds of people. Some came to the position with great experience and some with virtually none. Restaurants are often the place where youth experience their first real job.

Here are my 5 Q&D Steps to maximizing your training dollars.

1 – Train your trainers! Managers and seasoned employees are often charged with the role of trainer. Don’t assume that just because they do a good job that they know how to train your employees. They deserve some training also, don’t they?

Round up your best and brightest and have them complete a self- assessment to discover their own learning style. (Download Free Learning Assessment)

Simply put there are 3 main styles of learning:

  • Visual – seeing & reading

  • Auditory – listening and speaking

  • Kinesthetic – touching & doing

Once they figure out that everyone is unique and how understanding how these learning styles impact training, they will be more receptive to trying different ways to tap into the new employee.

2 – Brainstorm your operational core competencies. What are the top 5-10 things that new staff must have or must do to coming into your organization need to be successful? Fundamental information might include hours of operation, how to work the POS, where to clock in and out.

3 – Revisit your training. Modify your checklists and learning activities - modify them to appeal to all three learning styles. By incorporating 2 or 3 styles into your training, you will greatly improve your chances of developing a successful team member!

4 – Assess learning AND training. It’s important that we assess not only our new staff but the trainers in charge of their learning. This needs to begin on day one and continue throughout the training process. This can be done with written & online quizzes, by asking questions and through observing.

5 – Compensate your trainers. If your trainers are required to take time out from their regular duties to training new people, pay more or better yet, pay them a bonus for every trainee that is successful. Share the training load and don’t just load up one person. On the days when they are not training give them the best shifts, best sections and the opportunity to make up for lost income.

Easy peasy.... right?

Since you're here...

At the helm of Connect Hospitality Strategies is Caroline Bagnall, Adult Educator, Hospitality & Tourism Professional, Soccer Coach, Advocate for the Environment, Level 2 Sommelier, and a 2o+year resident of Whistler BC Canada.

For every hospitality organization that wants to be profitable and develop customers for life in a highly competitive marketplace, Connect Hospitality Strategies brings project management and workforce education to the table.

If you'd like to find out more about CHS Profitability and Guest Service Workshops please visit www.connecthospitality.ca

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