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Connect Hospitality Strategies is looking forward to classroom training and is committed to implementing the most stringent standards to keep the instructor and learners safe. 

• In classroom training will only be conducted when proper sanitizing and social  distancing is permissible.  

• The instructor will need to maintain a distance of 3 meters to the front row and/or wear a  mask.  

• Learners will be required to complete a pre-session survey prior to coming to the  training sessions 

• Activities will be conducted out of doors as often as possible.  

• Learners will be required to wear masks when social distancing cannot be maintained. • Learners will be asked to bring their own supplies – pens, notebooks etc • The classroom should be cleaned and disinfected in accordance with the BCCDC’s  Cleaning and Disinfectants for Public Settings. 

• For full day training sessions (over 6 hours), high touch areas will be sanitized after breaks 

• Shared items will be removed where cross-contamination is possible (e.g., shared office  supplies, coffee and water stations, and snack bins ). 

• Ensure the venue provides and stocks adequate hand-washing facilities on site and  ensure the location is visible and easily accessed.  

• Provide the ability for frequent hand washing or sanitizing. 

• Capacity in washrooms will be limited to ensure physical distancing.

COVID - 19
Our Commitment to Safety 
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